Craft Point is a ceramics workshop established by me as an expression of my search for my own path in life. It’s gives me an opportiunity to actualize my passion. It’s a place where I can express myself by creating unique objects. Creations that depart in their form from the culture of mass production and imitation in everyday life. Unbounded freedom of imagination.

Clay and glaze are the main media of expression in my work while freedom and creativity are my two main guides and goals.

Working with clay requires patience, focus and time but at the same time gives much joy and satisfaction as you see the final effect you desired. At the same time, I’m not limiting myself to just the ceramics. I have a lot of ideas for various forms of expression. All of them I realize in my workshop. Sometimes the ideas become decorative boxes and other containers, lampshades, refurbished small furniture. I like mixing different materials and techniques. Effect of my work I present to you on this website and social media page.
– JT.


I’m also fulfilling orders for custom ceramics based on your particular needs.


During the classes you will learn various methods of shaping clay. Whatever you create, you can take with you after the course is over. We provide all the necessary tools and materials. If you want more details, contact me directly by email or phone. Contact details are provided on the bottom of the page.  I’m looking forward to see you!

The Craft Point Workshop organizes ceramics courses for children and seniors. The course can be arranged for individuals or a group (up to 4 people). They are also adapted for age and skill level of  the participants.